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The First World Series Game in Texas

The majesty of the first World Series game in Texas captured at the defining moment.

This is THE legacy image from the event, a once in a lifetime memory.

This is the only photograph from this vantage point.

Available now in a limted edition fine print, complete with commemorative text.

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To see F. Carter Smith's photos through the playoffs: Astros Playoffs




Toyota Center -

We completed the "Houston Sports Venue Trifecta"

by working with the Rockets to make photographs of the new

Toyota Center in downtown Houston. Again, our legacy team

got the anthem, the opening night exterior,

and the first bucket in the new facility.



Houston Rockets Opening Night

in Toyota Center

October 30,2003

Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets








Reliant Stadium

We were chosen by the Houston Texans to make photographs of the

opening of Reliant Stadium. We were in the right place to capture not only

the legacy "pomp and circumstance", but also to record the historic

victory over Dallas. Along the way, we managed to land the

cover photo of the book "Opening Night".


Gallery 1. The Inaugural Season Opener

September 8, 2002

Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans


Gallery 2. The Inaugural Game in Reliant Stadium

August 24, 2002

Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans


Gallery 3. The Tampa Game

Includes The First TD

August 30, 2002


Gallery 4. Exteriors




Enron Field

(Now Minute Maid Park)

We were originally contracted by the stadium builder

to document the last days leading up to the opening

of Enron Field, as it was known then. We made a really nice

collection of photos, but in the end, it was our image of the

teams standing at attention for the Star Spangled banner that

proved to be the defining image of the first two games.

The "Inaugural Game" and "First Opening Day" hang in the Astros offices.


The Enron Field Series



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